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Home Movie: 71155: Unidentified Detroit Family

Published ca. 1975 - 1976

To come.

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Reviewer: Spuzz - - September 21, 2014
Subject: BRUCE!
Fun film that takes us to all sorts of locations! All are easy to track, except the last few minutes.. We go to Paris, and see some landmarks there, then in the most interesting jump cut ever, all of a sudden find us in Hawaii. Well, that's quite the distance! Whats fun about this footage is that there's a hula dance that's exactly like the home movie my parents have! (or maybe theirs was made by Kodak, it looked too professionally made.. anyways), after that. a few shots of San Fransisco, then.. Universal Studios! The Jaws encounter! The Psycho house! wild west stage shows! There's definitely not a lot of US footage, so that's a definite treat. After that, back to Hawaii, and then some sites I wasn't 100% sure on. (that huge traffic circle is a clue!). Fun! Reccomended!
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